Welcome 2015

January, 2015

It seems we were welcoming 2014 with champagne and fireworks, and now we are well underway into 2015! As we wrapped up the year 2014 at Nokia, we would like to send a very big thank to all of you, especially the external inventors of Invent with Nokia. It is YOU who make Invent with Nokia successful, as the basis of our program depends on crowd sourcing of ideas from inventors all over the world. And it is YOU who have enabled us to thrive and boom in year 2014.

A few selected highlights from 2014:

1. In April 2014, Nokia completed the sale of substantially all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft. The transaction, which also included an agreement to license patents to Microsoft, was originally announced on September 3, 2013.

2. In June 2014, Nokia ranked sixth in Interbrand's annual Best Global Green Brands report for 2014, measuring the environmental sustainability performance of leading global brands.

3. In February 2014, Nokia and HTC settled all pending patent litigations between them, and entered into a patent and technology collaboration agreement. HTC is making payments to Nokia and the collaboration involves HTC's LTE patent portfolio, further strengthening Nokia's licensing offering. The companies also announced that they are exploring future technology collaboration opportunities.

4. In the second quarter, Nokia Technologies developed a proof-of-concept flexible printed graphene circuit, demonstrating continued progress solving many of the technical challenges related to the practical application of the ultra-thin, transparent, flexible material.

5. In November 2014, Nokia announced the launch of the N1, the first Nokia-branded Android tablet and the company's first brand-licensed consumer device following the sale of substantially all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft in April 2014. Shortly after the end of 2014, Nokia's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner began selling the Nokia N1 in the first quarter 2015 in China, with other markets to follow.

Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia Chairman, on the company's progress:
"With the closing of our transaction with Microsoft, Nokia begins a new era. We are confident in our future. Nokia's vision is to be a leader in technologies which will be important in a world of billions of intelligent connected devices. With our strategic direction now set, our highly talented teams can focus fully on realizing our vision by building on Nokia's three strong businesses – Networks, HERE, and Technologies. In all three businesses, Nokia has a solid foundation and we continue to see attractive opportunities to invest in growth."

For the full 2014 report and highlights, see http://company.nokia.com/en/system/files/download/investors/nokia_results_2014_q4_e.pdf

As an open innovation platform "INVENT WITH NOKIA" we were extremely fortunate in 2014 as we expanded our presence to inventors all around the globe.

Map showing inventors all around the globe

Presenting few highlights of Invent with Nokia:

a) We have Inventor participation from more than 200 geographical regions (including Countries, Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty)

b) New University relationships were formed, now Invent With Nokia is associated with more than 25 Universities/Research institutes

c) Invent With Nokia has gained a lot of popularity among University students, we have seen lot of student participation in the year 2014

d) We collaborated with multiple technology firms in the year 2014

e) Invent with Nokia website (http://inventwithnokia.nokia.com) underwent improvement in terms of security and user interface

2014 was a busy year and we thank each and every one of you for your dedication and support. We look forward to receiving more and more innovative ideas in 2015. We at Nokia firmly believe in Open Innovation and will be focusing our energy towards it to make sure that Invent with Nokia is the best open innovation platform in the world.

Also stay tuned and keep a look out on the Invent with Nokia blog space (https://inventwithnokia.nokia.com/blog) for more exciting trivia and information.

Here is to a big year ahead!