Invent with Nokia

August, 2014

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is refers to the creation of mind: inventions; literary and artistic work; and symbols and names and images used in commerce. Intellectual Property is protected by different Intellectual Property rights i.e. Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial Design rights, trade dress, etc.

What is Invent With Nokia?

Invent With Nokia is an Intellectual Property crowd-sourcing platform to receive inventions from non-Nokia employees. Even though Nokia has thousands of talented people and invest billions of dollars each year in R&D, Nokia is eager to work with external companies and individuals who can bring diverse technology and new ideas to Nokia’s business. Nokia’s successful track record of Strategic Alliances has built a strong collaborative spirit within Nokia.

What Invent with Nokia is not for?

a) This site is not intended for Customer suggestions on how Nokia can improve its products, battery life etc.

b) This site is not intended for feedback on current products.

c) This site is not intended to solicit potential employees, looking for a potential job opportunity with Nokia. Please visit

d) This site is not intended to provide request for Business proposal, dealership and marketing offer.

What Invent With Nokia looks for?

Invent With Nokia invites external inventors with their innovative ideas to contribute to Nokia’s growth and expansion and diversifying its patent portfolio.

The purpose of Invent With Nokia is to gain access to inventions that may be of use to Nokia in its quest to develop new mobility-enabling technologies and solutions for its consumers. These inventions may or may not be covered by a patent application, a granted patent or a registered design.

Nokia is seeking to enhance its portfolio of inventions and ultimately patents that may be of use to Nokia in its quest to develop new mobility-enabling technologies and solutions for its customers. As a guide, we are looking for inventions in the following areas:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Applications (e.g. maps, navigation)
  • Mobile services infrastructure
  • Mobility- enabling technologies and solutions

How does Invent With Nokia work?

After registration on Invent With Nokia platform, inventors submit their idea on Invent With Nokia. Submissions are evaluated on multiple levels. If the idea is judged as valuable and is aligned to Nokia’s business goals, idea may be selected for patenting. Once a submission is selected for patenting, inventor is eligible for rewards and he is paid as per the award option selected by him/her.

'The Process

What to expect from Invent With Nokia Blog?

Invent With Nokia Blog is an initiative to spread awareness about Intellectual Property and Invent With Nokia program. We will be posting articles about Patents, Nokia business updates, other Intellectual Property rights, most common pitfalls of the submissions received so far on Invent With Nokia, FAQ’s and other interesting trivia!