Export Control

Export of certain technologies in the form of technical data is controlled by a number of authorities in different countries. For example, export of technology which is potentially suitable for military or dual use applications (including cryptography) often requires a special export license even for digital export transactions like your submission through Invent With Nokia.

Please, note that you accept full and sole responsibility for obtaining any such authorizations your invention submission may require from your country of residence, and any other country which may possess legitimate rights to control re-export of the technology (e.g. United States authorities in some instances). By saving and/or submitting your invention, you agree that you export the technology to the United Kingdom and other European Union countries if you reside in any other country at the time of submission.

Further, you commit to inform Nokia of such special authorizations you have obtained for the submission in either the “Notes”, “Shared Ownership of Rights”, or “Supporting Documents” sections of your Invention Submission Form (note that you need to select only 1 place to inform us of your information).

For your convenience, the following link is to the site of Wassenaar arrangement participating member countries’ list through which you may find relevant authority contacts regarding export controls of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies (http://www.wassenaar.org/participating-states/). However, we wish to specifically highlight that there are other multinational and national export controls in place which are not linked to above arrangement, that may be applicable to your technology submission. We strongly recommend you to contact all authorities eligible.

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