Register to submit as many ideas and inventions through Nokia's open innovation platform as you wish.

Our website allows the efficient channelling of your idea in a secure manner, you will need to register in order to tell us about your idea. Please note that at this stage of the submission process, the information you provide to Nokia must be non-confidential.

Your invention is allocated to one of Nokia’s key technology areas. Experts in these areas will review your proposal and tell us whether your invention has potential in Nokia’s business. We may already be aware of solutions that deliver the same benefit, either inside or outside Nokia. In some instances we may feel those alternative solutions are superior to your idea, if that is the case we may not choose to proceed with your invention.

If our initial review is positive, your invention will be presented to a wider group of business and technical experts. At this stage we will decide whether to progress with your invention or not. If we are excited about your idea and want to work with you, we will ask you to enter into a separate agreement to facilitate the next stage of the process. Nokia and you then agree to keep your invention confidential until a decision is made by Nokia on whether or not to patent your invention. If we do file a patent application for your invention, Nokia will pay you a financial award. If not, the rights of your idea will be returned to you.

We aim to get back to you within four months of your original submission. The timescale after that point will inevitably vary, given the diversity of technologies and solutions we encounter.

If we think that we are not interested in your invention, we’ll tell you. Unfortunately we will not always be able to tell you the reasons, in some cases we may be under obligations of confidentiality to other people.

Idea submission process


“Our goal is to enable potential inventors to convert their inventions into financial success”

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