Nokia is committed to innovation and enabling mobility through its businesses.

Our innovation achievements include

13 scientist who shared 8 Nobel Prizes are associated with Nokia owned Bell Labs.

Eric Betzig was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "the development of super - resolved fluorescence microscopy" along with Stefan Hell and fellow Cornell alumnus William E. Moerner. After receiving his doctorate, Betzig was hired by AT&T Bell Laboratories (now owned by Nokia) in the Semiconductor Physics Research Department in 1989.

Horst Ludwig Störmer was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with Daniel Tsui and Robert Laughlin "for their discovery of a new form of quantum fluid with fractionally charged excitations"(the fractional quantum Hall effect).He and Tsui were working at Bell Labs(now owned by Nokia) at the time of the experiment cited by the Nobel committee.

Digital imaging inventors win £1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize

February 02, 2017 – Four engineers have won the £1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.Nobel Prize winner George E.Smith and Michael F.Tompsett won for the charge coupled device(CCD) imager developed at Bell Labs, sharing the prize with Nobukazu Teranishi who improved on the CCD by inventing the pinned photodiode and with Eric R.Fossum who invented the CMOS imager, the technology that succeeded the CCD in most applications and allowed for the proliferation of cameras in smartphones and other mobile devices.

  • A major contributor of the GSM & UMTS network standards

  • The first ever commercial GSM call was made on a Nokia phone over a Nokia network

  • The world’s first mobile phone satellite call was made on a Nokia phone

  • We have a portfolio of around 26,000 patent families

  • We own about one third of the patents essential to GSM standards and about one fourth of the patents essential to WCDMA standards

  • OZO Camera: The first virtual reality camera purpose-built for professionals

  • We won the Leading Lights award in the “Most Innovative Security Strategy for vendors” category for Mobile Guard for IoT

  • We are the key players in developing 4G & 5G telecom standards

  • Nokia features new 5G radio systems that use advanced antennas and operate in the bands up to 100GHz for extreme throughput and virtual zero latency

Examples of Nokia patents

  • US9530026
    Privacy protection for participatory sensing system
  • US9466108
    Method and apparatus for multiple image registration in the gradient domain
  • US9465950
    Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable storage media for securely accessing social networking data
  • US9122693
    Method and apparatus for determining contextually relevant geographical locations
  • US6476762
    Method for performing positioning and an electronic device
  • US6711211
    Method for encoding and decoding video information, a motion compensated video encoder and a corresponding decoder

“Annual patent licensing revenue is around 1 billion Euros”

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