Nokia is committed to innovation and enabling mobility through its businesses.

Our innovation achievements include

The innovation achievements of Nokia owned Bell Labs inventors include but not limited to 8 Nobel Prizes, QUEEN ELIZABETH PRIZE, U.S. NATIONAL MEDAL OF TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION, IEEE MEDAL OF HONOR, GRAMMY AWARD, EMMY AWARD, and many more...

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Glimpse of Nokia’s success

  • A major contributor of the GSM & UMTS network standards

  • The first ever commercial GSM call was made on a Nokia phone over a Nokia network

  • The world’s first mobile phone satellite call was made on a Nokia phone

  • We have a portfolio of around 26,000 patent families

  • We own about one third of the patents essential to GSM standards and about one fourth of the patents essential to WCDMA standards

  • OZO Camera: The first virtual reality camera purpose-built for professionals

  • We won the Leading Lights award in the “Most Innovative Security Strategy for vendors” category for Mobile Guard for IoT

  • We are the key players in developing 4G & 5G telecom standards

  • Nokia features new 5G radio systems that use advanced antennas and operate in the bands up to 100GHz for extreme throughput and virtual zero latency

Examples of Nokia patents

  • US9530026
    Privacy protection for participatory sensing system
  • US9466108
    Method and apparatus for multiple image registration in the gradient domain
  • US9465950
    Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable storage media for securely accessing social networking data
  • US9122693
    Method and apparatus for determining contextually relevant geographical locations
  • US6476762
    Method for performing positioning and an electronic device
  • US6711211
    Method for encoding and decoding video information, a motion compensated video encoder and a corresponding decoder

“Annual patent licensing revenue is around 1 billion Euros”

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