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Partner with Nokia as an inventor and you’ll gain the support you need – and the rewards and recognition you deserve. If we commit to your invention, we’ll agree the right partnership for you. Then, together, we’ll create mobile advances that connect the world.

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Who invents with Nokia

Our inventors don’t fit the mould. Some are research groups of professional inventors. Others are leading academics, or innovative start-ups. We’ve also partnered with exceptional students. We’re more interested in where you could take us than where you’ve come from.

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Benefits to inventors

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  • Flexible inventor partnerships
  • Generous financial rewards
  • Personal recognition
  • Tailored feedback
  • World-class technology expertise
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Secure, straightforward process
  • Brand recognition

“Nokia has helped me improve my inventions. Their experts have asked questions I hadn’t necessarily considered, prompting me to look at things from other angles.”