Share and Earn

The “Share and Earn” scheme is where we give our inventors an option to invite their friends/family/acquaintances to the Invent With Nokia platform and a chance to win 1000 Euros referral award.

Q: Who can benefit from the Share and Earn Scheme?
A: Users registered on the Invent With Nokia platform can avail themselves to the benefits of the Share and Earn scheme by inviting people to register on Invent With Nokia. 

Q: How does it work? 
A: Login to your Invent With Nokia account. You will find a drop-down “Share and Earn” Scheme. Click on the drop-down to find your “Referral Code” and “Referral Link”, then forward the code and/or link to your friends and fellow inventors. Once an inventor registers using your referral code/link, you will receive a confirmation email stating that an inventor has registered using that referral code/link. 

Please also encourage those you refer to read and digest the Invent With Nokia Blog ( There are plenty of advisory notes there to help boost their chance of success while inventing with Invent With Nokia (and thereby increasing your own chance of getting a referral award also, if they become successful!).

Q: When can I earn the award(s)?
A: Once your referral submits his/her invention to Invent With Nokia and Nokia decides to file a patent application on the submitted idea, you will receive the inventor referral award of 1000 Euros. You will get more than 1000 Euros if you refer more inventors to us, who submit successful inventions. 

Q: Whom can I refer?
A: You can refer anyone, your friends, family and acquaintances.

Q: Can I refer multiple people? 
A: Yes, you can refer any number of inventors to us (the more the better, as the more you refer to us, the more you earn [if they are successful]). However, he/she will be treated as your referral (and therefore registered in our system as directly referred by you) only when he/she registers using your referral code/link. Without this, you will NOT get paid if the invention that they submit to us becomes successful.  

Q: Can I receive multiple referral awards?
A: Yes, you are eligible to get multiple referral awards for multiple successful (unique) inventors referred by you. However, you will only be awarded a referral award only for the first accepted submission by that referred inventor.  For example, if you refer inventor A and he/she submits 3 successful inventions, you will only get 1000 Euros and not 3000 Euros. But if you refer inventor A, inventor B and inventor C, and if they each submit successful inventions to us, then you will be awarded 3 x 1000 Euros. 

Q: How do I know that my friends have signed up?
A: Whenever a new user registers using your referral code/link, you will receive an email confirming that a new user has registered using your code. 

Q: If my friend signs up with a different email address other than the one in which I sent him/her my referral code, will I still be eligible for the referral award?
A: Sure thing! As long as your friend uses your referral code/link to register on Invent With Nokia, they will be considered as your referral and hence, you will be eligible for the referral award. 

Q: What happens if my friend does not submit any idea on Invent With Nokia?
A: You will be eligible for referral award only when an idea submitted by your referral is selected by Nokia for patenting and a patent application is filed on your referral’s submission. So we encourage you to refer the brightest minds and keep pushing them to submit more inventions to Invent With Nokia.

Q: If I refer a friend of mine, what would he/she gain out of the referral?
A: Once you refer your friend, your friend will get on a world class platform where he/she can submit his/her ideas. If Nokia decides to file a patent application on his/her submitted idea, he/she will be eligible to earn the invention reward (starting from 2000 Euros) according to the award option selected by him/her as per the Invent With Nokia Terms & Conditions. 
Q: How do I know that my referral’s submission is accepted by Nokia for patent application filing?
A: Whenever your referral receives a notification that a patent application has been filed on his/her first accepted submission, you will also receive an email confirmation which makes you eligible for a referral award under the conditions of the Invent With Nokia Share & Earn Terms and Conditions.

Q: How to claim my referral award?
A: Once you receive an email confirming that you are eligible for the referral award, you have to login to the "My Account" section of Invent With Nokia and complete the invoice form referring to this referral under the heading "Invoices". Further, payment of the invoice will then be arranged according to Nokia’s standard terms of payment.

Moreover, if you have any other question/concern kindly refer to the IWN Share and Earn Scheme Terms and Conditions for details.

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