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A chance to win 1000 Euros

Our “Share and Earn” scheme gives our inventors the opportunity to invite their friends/family/acquaintances to the Invent With Nokia platform with the chance to win 1000 Euros.

Learn how you can benefit here.

Handling rejection

Don’t be discouraged if we reject your idea, we see many great ideas but not all of them are for us, we have to be confident that we’re the right people to take your idea and ultimately add value to our customers. If we reject one idea, it doesn’t mean that we’ll reject the next one.

Learn how to improve your submissions by reading our post on ‘What is Invent With Nokia? FAQs’.

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Tell us what you think

We love to hear from inventors, once you have submitted your ideas on our platform you can communicate with us through the notes field present in your submitted ideas. So please do get in touch with any questions or thoughts on your idea and the process.

Look for the notes tab

Yet to submit your first idea?

What are you waiting for? Once you’ve registered then submitting your first idea is easy and you can always save a draft if you need to come back to it later.

What you’ll need to know to submit your idea:

Inventor details
The address, nationality and email or any co-inventors.

Describe the technology and the areas of use the invention relates to.

The problem your invention solves or the situation it improves.

Prior art
For example how the problem was solved earlier or the current state of technology that is causing the problem described.

Your idea
A short summary of your invention.

Describe the technical implementation.

Advantages and disadvantages
Why your solution is better or worse than existing solutions.

Diagrams and figures
Any supporting drawings.

If your invention is becoming public in any way, please describe the exact way and details of the publication (e.g. Date and place of publication etc.).

How we’re improving Invent With Nokia

We are always striving to make Invent With Nokia a great platform for inventors and we have been speaking to many of you about your experiences.

We expect to launch a refreshed site in the next few months, improving the information we provide and refining the submission interface. We have also been working in the background on many performance improvements and to reduce problems some inventors were having accessing the site and during the submission process.

Register with Nokia’s innovation platform

The first step towards idea submission is to register with Invent With Nokia. This is simple and straightforward.


Submit your invention