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We work with inventors in different ways. Whether you’re a commercial or an academic inventor, we’ll partner with you to take your idea all the way through to patent. How we work together, though, will depend on your goals as an inventor, any governing employer frameworks and confidentiality considerations.

Our Inventors
Our Inventors

You and all co-inventors need to own all the rights to your invention. As long as you do, you can submit your idea at any point in the development process. You may need to protect your idea’s confidentiality. Or you may own the patent already. In each case, we’ll agree the right partnership and process for you.

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Benefits to inventors

Benefits to inventors

Invent With Nokia is a unique platform. It will enable you to submit inventions and to become an inventor of patents.

A flexible way of working is just one reason for making Nokia your inventing partner. Here are some others:

Generous financial rewards

- in return for transferring your IP rights for a successful invention you could be paid between €10,000-€75,000.

Personal recognition

- as you’ll be named an inventor in the filed patent application

Tailored feedback

- from a Nokia expert after a high-quality assessment of your idea

World-class technology expertise

- our credentials for developing and quality assuring mobile technology inventions are second to none

Knowledge sharing

- through blogs and newsletters

Secure, straightforward process

- thanks to our state-of-the-art inventor platform

Brand recognition

- our reputation is career-enhancing for inventors

Refer an inventor

Invite an inventor to submit an idea and you could earn a referral bonus of €1000.

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A history of innovation

How it started

Portable telephone

Sheldon Phillips, Gregor Magnuson, Frank Nuovo

Des. 396,230

Sept 20th 1996

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How it started


  • What is Invent With Nokia?
  • Invent With Nokia is Nokia's intellectual property open innovation platform. More simply, it’s a secure portal for inventors outside the company to share their ideas and invent with us.

    We invest $billions in research each year and have thousands of talented people. But we know that breakthrough thinking springs from many sources. So we are always keen to work with exceptional individuals and businesses who value innovation and collaboration. Invent With Nokia helps us do that.

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • The simple answer is: “creations of the mind.” Intellectual Property (IP) can include inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, names as well as images used in commerce.

    IP is protected in law by patents, copyright and trademarks. These protections mean that people can benefit financially and enhance their reputation through what they invent or create.

    IP protections play an important role in encouraging innovation. By striking the right balance between the interests of innovators and the public, the IP system aims to foster the right environment for creativity to flourish. More info: http://www.wipo.int/about-ip/en/

  • Can I invent with a Nokia employee?
  • Yes, you can. In your online submission form, you’ll need to name your Nokia co-inventor. You’ll need to make clear what % of the invention is yours. Your Nokia co-inventors need to go to the “Inventor Central” intranet pages and look under “Inventing with externals.”

  • How does Invent With Nokia work?
  • Inventors submit their ideas after registering on the site. These are then assessed from multiple angles. If we decide an idea is valuable and supports our business goals, it may be selected for patenting. At that point, the inventor becomes eligible for a financial reward.

    Learn more about Registration and Submission

  • Will Invent With Nokia keep my idea secure? And could my idea be used without my consent?
  • Inventions are our lifeblood, so keeping them safe is a key priority for us. Invent With Nokia portal is protected with the latest security systems, which we maintain and test regularly.

    We would never use an inventor’s idea without their consent. But neither would we ask an inventor’s approval if we’ve been working on something similar, or the idea being discussed is already in the public domain.

    We’ll tell you if we decide not to take your idea forward. You will then be released from your obligation of confidentiality to Nokia, subject to the Invent With Nokia Terms & Conditions.

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