Invent With Nokia is an Intellectual Property (IP) open innovation platform designed to facilitate inventive activity from inventors outside Nokia.

We are primarily looking for new inventions. We help inventors throughout the patent process up to grant and compensate accordingly for transferring inventions rights to Nokia. Financial compensation and other perks are provided in return for full IP rights. However, you will be named as the inventor in the filed patent application.

Our website is designed to facilitate efficient routing of your idea in a secure manner. You can proceed to tell us about your idea in our website after “Registration”.

Registration process

You need to register before submitting new ideas/inventions to Invent With Nokia.

If the rights to your invention are 100% owned by you and/or your co-inventors, please proceed to “Register”. After this, you may submit your ideas on our portal. Please note that at this stage of the submission process, the information you provide to Nokia must be non-confidential.

In case the pre-requisite of your providing information to us on your innovation is a confidential agreement with Invent With Nokia, you first need to pass the initial review of your idea submission to get promoted under the Privileged route. Please refer to the Submission Process description below. Alternatively, if you are a researcher, owner of a start-up, scientist, student, university professor, individual inventor etc., and would like to show your potential, you may request for a promotion under our Privileged route by providing your details in the section of “Self-Promotion Request for Privileged route” in your profile after you have registered.

In the Privileged route, all the invention information shared between you and Nokia are bound under confidential agreement of Invent With Nokia. There are also some other benefits of the Privileged route e.g. quicker turnaround time, ability to view the terms & conditions, ability to upload supporting documents, option of selecting financial rewards, interaction with Nokia experts etc.

Once your promotion request is approved, you need to accept the terms & conditions of the confidential agreement. After which, you shall be permitted to directly submit your invention under the Privileged route of Invent With Nokia.

If the Invention IP rights are owned/shared by you and your employer (University/Company/Start-ups/Research Institute etc), we have another Privileged route where we sign a framework agreement with your employer. This agreement covers names of inventors, address, email-id, project goals, duration, payment terms etc. There’s explicit declaration that inventors are governed by terms as set out between Nokia and their university/company/start-ups etc.

Upon having been accepted to the Privileged route, Invent With Nokia shall provide you with a personal email invitation that contains a unique link to register on the Invent With Nokia Portal. Login details are personal and must not be disclosed to a third party. If you are interested in the framework agreement between Nokia and your employer, please contact us by clicking “SEND US FEEDBACK”.

Submission process

General route

As already mentioned, our website allows the efficient routing of your idea in a secure manner. You will need to register in order to tell us about your idea. Please note that at this stage of the submission process, the information you provide to Nokia must be non-confidential. *To make a submission under confidential agreement with us, please refer to the Privileged route below.

Your idea is allocated to one of Nokia’s key technology areas. Experts in these areas will review your proposal and tell us whether your idea has potential in Nokia’s business. We may already be aware of solutions that deliver the same benefit, either inside or outside Nokia. In some instances, those alternative solutions may be superior to your idea. If that is the case, we may not choose to proceed with your idea.

If our initial review is positive, we will promote you to the Privileged route and will request you to enter into a confidential agreement to facilitate the next stage of the process.

Privileged route

Once you became an inventor in the Privileged route (either through registration process or getting promoted through any of your initial idea submissions), you need to submit a detailed invention report along with the supporting documents under the confidential agreement. Nokia and you then agree to keep your invention confidential until a decision is made by Nokia. Your invention report will be presented to a wider group of business and technical experts for a detailed review. At this stage, we will decide whether to progress with your invention or not. If we are excited about your invention and want to work with you, we will inform you that we want to patent your invention. If we do file a patent application on your invention, Nokia will pay you a financial award.

If we are not interested in your invention, we’ll tell you and you will be released from your obligation of confidentiality to Nokia. After which, you may offer your innovation to other companies. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to tell you the reasons, as in some cases we may be under obligations of confidentiality to other people.

We try to provide our decision as soon as possible. The timescale may inevitably vary, given the diversity of technologies and solutions we encounter.

A snapshot of our process


“Our goal is to enable potential inventors to convert their inventions into financial success”

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