You could earn €1000 for the success of every inventor, you introduce to us.

“Refer an Inventor” is our talent referral scheme. You could earn €1000 for every inventor you refer whose ideas we approve for patenting.

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  • What is our Refer an Inventor programme?
  • ‘Refer an Inventor’ is our reward programme for external inventor referrals. You’ll be able to invite colleagues, associates and friends to submit their ideas on Invent With Nokia. And for every inventor you refer whose idea we approve for patenting, you earn €1000.

  • Who could benefit from our Refer an Inventor scheme?
  • Anyone who is registered on Invent With Nokia and invites another inventor to share an idea on the platform that we approve for patenting.

  • How does it work?
  • Log in to your Invent With Nokia account. Click on the tab “Refer an Inventor” to find your “Referral Code” and “Referral Link”. To invite inventors to share their ideas, simply forward them this code and/or link.

    You’ll receive a confirmation email when an inventor registers using your referral code/link. Please ask anyone you refer to read the site thoroughly to maximise their chances of submitting a successful idea.

  • When could I earn the reward(s)?
  • When we decide to file a patent application for an idea from an inventor you’ve introduced, you’ll receive your referral bonus of €1000. The more inventors you refer, the more rewards you could receive.

  • Whom can I refer?
  • You can refer anyone (non-Nokia employee): friends, family, colleagues, associates and acquaintances.

  • Can I refer multiple people?
  • Yes, you can refer any number of inventors to us. Don’t set yourself limits – the more referrals you make, the more you could earn. However, please note, anyone you introduce must use your referral code/link to register on the platform to count as a referral. Without this system notification, you won’t get paid if the invention they submit to us is patented.

  • Could I get multiple referral rewards?
  • Yes. There is no limit on the number of referral bonuses you could get for every successful inventor you introduce us to. However, you’ll only get a reward for the first accepted submission by the inventor you’ve referred. For example, if you refer inventor A and he/she submits three successful inventions, you’ll be paid €1000. On the other hand, if you refer three inventors to us who all submit successful inventions, you’ll receive €3000.

  • How do I know that the inventors I’ve introduced have signed up?
  • You’ll get an email confirming they’ve registered with your code/link.

  • If the inventor signs up with a different email address to the one in which I sent them my referral code/link, will I still get paid?
  • Yes. As long as the inventor uses your referral code/link to register on Invent With Nokia, they’ll be considered as your referral. As such, you’ll be eligible for the referral reward.

  • What happens if I refer someone, but they don’t submit an idea on the portal?
  • You’ll only get a reward when we file a patent application for your referral’s submission. So it definitely pays to encourage your friends, colleagues and associates to share their ideas on Invent With Nokia.

  • If I refer someone, what will they gain from the referral?
  • The short answer is a world-class platform to share their ideas through. Beyond that, they’ll become eligible for inventor rewards depending on the reward option they opt while submitting their inventions. See the ‘Inventors’ page for more benefits.

  • How will I know if Nokia decides to patent an idea from an inventor I’ve referred?
  • We’ll send you an email confirming this – and the reward you could receive.

  • How do I claim a referral reward?
  • When you get email confirmation that you’re eligible for a reward, log in to your account on Invent With Nokia. Here you can complete the invoice form referring to this referral under the heading 'Invoices'. We’ll then arrange payment as per our standard terms.

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