New inventions help us develop the latest mobile technologies.

Your invention must be novel, non-obvious, and useful: all qualities it will need to gain a patent. Ideally, your invention will be in one of the areas below. However, if this isn’t the case but it will improve Nokia and connectivity in general, please still share it.

Please note that we’re not looking for suggestions about products, new hires or new customer services. Invent With Nokia is a platform for technological ideas only.

What we need


  • What is Invent with Nokia not for?
  • This portal is NOT for:

    • Customer suggestions about how we can improve our existing products, battery life and so on.
    • Feedback on our current products or services.
    • Candidates looking for a job at Nokia. Instead visit:
    • Business proposals, dealerships and marketing offers.
  • What Invent With Nokia looks for?
  • We’re always looking for innovative ideas that will help us grow and diversify our patent portfolio. Invent With Nokia helps us source these ideas from external inventors. More specifically, it gives us access to inventions that will help us develop new mobility-enabling technologies and solutions for our customers. Some of these inventions are covered by patents, patent applications or registered designs. Almost all of them are in the following areas:

    • Wireless Technologies (standards, implementation, IoT, 5G & 6G radio, WiFi, core network)
    • Devices & Services (smartphones, wearables, UI/UX, security, IoT, AI/ML, automotive etc.)
    • Emerging Technologies (extended reality, metaverse/mirrorworld, quantum computers, etc.)
    • Multimedia (standards, implementation, voice/audio, video, etc.)
    • IP & Optical Networks
    • Fixed & Mobile Networks
  • Could I use Invent With Nokia to submit anything else apart from inventions?
  • No. Invent With Nokia is not the right place to enter business ideas, dealership offers, marketing proposals, feedback, job requests or complaints.

  • I have filed a patent application. Can I submit it using the site?
  • Yes, you can submit a patent you’ve already filed. But you need to provide us with the patent’s complete details. We’ll need to see the patent application number as well as the country in which the patent application was filed, published or issued. These details will help in accessing and evaluating the potential of your invention as per our business requirements.

    If you’ve filed a patent but it isn’t in the public domain yet, please share a description of your patent application so we can assess it. If you don’t want to reveal details of your invention in these circumstances, we recommend waiting to submit your patent application until it is published.

  • I have already published my invention in a research paper or online. Can I submit it to Invent With Nokia?
  • No. We expect all inventors to not have shared their ideas publicly before submitting to us, neither having already applied for IP protection (filing a patent application at a patent office). If an invention has been published online, in a magazine, as a research paper or in some other public format, that will prevent global protection of the patent. At Nokia, we always look at filing patents globally. So it’s extremely rare that we file patent applications after an invention has been published.

    What’s more, we don’t accept web links as submissions. Inventions must be described as text.

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