Nokia can provide the infrastructure that could see your inventions in daily use around the world.

Nokia is one of the major players in the area of mobility. In order to grow further, we need new technology, creativity and innovation.

Even though we have thousands of talented people and invest billions of dollars each year in R&D, we are eager to work with external companies and individuals who can bring diverse technology and new ideas to our business. Our successful track record of strategic alliances has built a strong collaborative spirit within Nokia.

Benefits to inventors

  • Our platform’s name tells the story straight away about who we are and what we do. “Invent With Nokia”.

  • High quality evaluations and meaningful tailored responses for inventor queries.

  • Inventions are evaluated by top Nokia experts.

  • Financial rewards to inventors for successful inventions.

  • Regular updates to inventors through blogs and newsletters.

  • An easy process and a convenient platform for co-inventing with Nokia employees.

  • Inventor referral program - “Share & Earn”.

  • And many more ...

Our Business

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“Our portfolio comprises of around 20,000 patent families”

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